We’re back!

It’s been nearly two years, but The Unnamed are back with an updated version of the improvised Lovecraft show. It’s so new that we’re renaming it “Shadows over Improv” to celebrate (and also because it is more obviously both Lovecraftian and improvised).

The first back-from-the-dead show will be on 12st July at The Alma Tavern Theatre. Tickets are £8 available now.

Tiny mutant creatures cause delay in show

Well, all babies are technically mutants aren’t they? Excitingly, Rob has (not physically) had twin baby girls. Which is exciting, and not at all horrific (unless you imagine the lack of sleep over the next year).

Along with Lindsey’s recent baby, this means that The Unnamed are going to be taking a hiatus while families occur. But we’ll be back. The show may be dead, but it can eternal lie and so in strange aeons even death may die…

First show report – Fringe Cafe, Clifton, 3rd March 2014

Horror at the audience's faces
Horror at the audience's faces

Horror at the audience’s faces

Well, it worked.

If that seems like a mild response to a great first show, it isn’t; our biggest concern with this show was that it was untested and untried, at least in this locale. Trying to do an entirely serious piece of improvised theatre is a bit unusual and not what audiences expect.

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