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Drawn from a tombola at the Arkham asylum (well, public auditions and try-outs) in Bristol, the improvisers in Unnamed Improv are:

robRob Egginton   

An improv performer and producer, Rob has been improvising since the University of Bristol Pantomime Society Improv Group (trying saying that three times fast) was formed in 2004.



Jessica Bevan

Artist and lapsed archaeologist, Jess began improvising with Bristol Improv many many years ago, performing in exciting places like the Bath Fringe. Our amazing technical improviser. Probably not a witch.



tom_bTom Bridges

Writer, director, producer, tea drinker of insanely funny sketch/not-sketches-because-its-a-whole-piece group Heretical Productions.



lindseyLindsey Garwood

An experienced improviser, Lindsey recently moved to Bristol, immediately becoming indispensable to improv in the city; joining the cast of Closer each Day – the improvised soap opera, and the improvised acapella musical, not to mention running a popular monthly jam night.


timTim Newman

Performed with Goats in the Shell as well as Bristol Improv (having helped set it up as its first president). Having dabbled with stand-up and sketch comedy with GitS, he now returns to the one true art-form.


Stephen Clements

The newest member of the team. Steve is the creator of Tales of Adventure, one of the original Degrees of Error improvisers, helps run the Bristol Improv Theatre, has a great deal of improv performance under his stylish belt, and most importantly is a great big Lovecraft geek.

Past Members

tom_cTom Carvell

Tom joined our ranks for a few shows before heading up North. Another improviser who came through the ranks of Bristol Improv.